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Rideshare Drivers On High Alert After Death Of Christi Spicuzza

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Rideshare drivers across Pittsburgh are pushing for change after Christi Spicuzza's death.

Police say she was working as an Uber driver last week when a rider got into her car and held a gun to her head. The rider, Calvin Crew, is charged with her killing. Drivers say what happened is their biggest fear, and it has led to some of them not driving this weekend.

"I'm scared," driver Michelle Landsittle said. "We're all scared.

Landsittle is one of many rideshare drivers around Pittsburgh who pick up and drop off riders for a living. But ever since Spicuzza was first reported missing, Landsittle said that the way she operates has changed.

"Anybody can put their name, saying, 'Oh, I'm so and so.' But they don't check," Landsittle said.

She and several other drivers KDKA-TV talked to on Saturday said they no longer pick up third-party riders who were ordered a ride by someone else. Police said that is exactly what happened the night Spicuzza picked up Crew. According to the criminal complaint, Crew's girlfriend ordered him the Uber.

Several drivers KDKA-TV talked to on Saturday also said they are being extra vigilant, while others said they're not going to drive at all. The drivers said they do not want to risk their lives until more safety measures are in place.

Uber said there is a 911 emergency button program that drivers can use to send information straight to the police.


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