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Former State Rep. Rick Saccone Resigns From Position At St. Vincent College After Posting Video From U.S. Capitol

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

LATROBE (KDKA) -- "I'm telling you we have hundreds of thousands of people here to support our president and save our nation. Are you with me ?"

This is Rick Saccone amidst the throng outside the US Capitol appearIng to support the wanton destruction going on inside.

"They broke down the gates. They're macing them up there. We're trying to run out all the evil people in there and all the RINOs who have betrayed our president. We're going to run them out of their offices."

But in a phone interview today Saccone said he wasn't aware those things were actually happening at the time and was speaking somewhat tongue in check.

SHEEHAN: "It seems you're exhorting people to do violence."
SACCONE: "Well it could seem like that to someone who doesn't know me. Nobody who listens to that would think when you say 'save the nation, drain the swamp or throw out the RINOs,' that you're actually going to do any physical violence. Those are figures of speech."

Here in Pittsburgh, US Attorney Scott Brady has asked our local FBI office to review tapes and use other methods to identify anyone from this region who may have engaged in or incited violence at the Capitol.

"The vast majority of people were not engaged in that, did not travel to for that purpose, but for those few that did were going to see if any had a Western Pennsylvania connection," Brady said.

There is no indication that Saccone is under investigation at this time. But Saint Vincent College said in a statement it's severing ties with him.

"After reviewing the video posted by Rick Saccone, an adjunct professor, we immediately commenced an investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding it. As a result of that investigation, Dr. Saccone has submitted and we have accepted his letter of resignation, effective immediately. He will no longer be associated with Saint Vincent College in any capacity."

"I thought with all this misconstruing going on. I love that school so much, I would do nothing to tarnish St. Vincent. So I decided it would just be better to resign at this time," Saccone said.

Now, Saccone said he made that video away from the Capitol Building, and when he and his wife got closer they saw teargas, they decided to leave. He says he took the video down when he learned of the violence inside. But the damage had already been done to his career.

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