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Dozens Of Restaurant Owners Meet With Attorney To Push Back Against Gov. Tom Wolf's Latest Coronavirus Order

BETHEL PARK, Pa. (KDKA) - The restaurant and bar industry recently took another hit after new restrictions were put into place from Gov. Tom Wolf's office.

The owner of Al's Cafe in Bethel Park says his place will not survive operating at 25 percent capacity, which is one restriction the governor recently put into place.

"I mean when you go down to 25 percent, it's like getting shot with a gun and bleeding out slowly, you know what I mean?" said Piacquadio's Restaurant and Lounge owner John Piacquadio.

For the first time, dozens of restaurant owners in Allegheny and surrounding counties are meeting Monday to discuss what they need to do now in order to keep their businesses alive. What started as an indoor discussion at Al's Cafe grew, forcing owners to stand outside.

"Somebody has to stand up for our rights. There's gotta be something unconstitutional," said Al's Cafe owner Rod Ambrogi.


"There's no proof that says that this started in restaurants and the restaurants are causing it. They're just giving an assumption from places in South Side and Oakland," said Piacquadio.

Owners KDKA talked to say they want to create an association that will fight or at least amend the governor's order.

Gary Scoulos is the attorney representing the group.

restaurant owners
(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Scott Danka)

"The position they're in is dire. These men and women are becoming desperate. They may lose their generations-long businesses," said Scoulos.

He admits suing the governor's office won't bring success, as many have tried and failed. That's why he's offering another solution.

"This is a political solution. This is why we have local representatives. Let's get them involved," said Scoulos.

And we're told this is expected to be a long process, as this meeting is just the beginning.

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