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Rest Of Allegheny County To Receive 2012 Property Assessments

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Those new assessment values that caused so much consternation in the city may be arriving in your mailbox very soon.

At a hearing Thursday, Judge R. Stanton Wettick ordered the county to start mailing them out suburban communities next week.

The first to get the new notices will be the eastern suburbs. Houses in Monroeville may be the first in suburban Allegheny County to experience sticker shock.
Notices to the eastern suburbs will be sent out a week from Friday on January 27th.

The new values will be sent to the southern tier of the county on February 20th.

The remainder of the notices will be sent to the North Hills communities on March 2nd.

What's still unclear is the appeals process and whether everyone will be entitled to both and informal and formal appeal of their assessment.

"Everyone will get a formal – that's for certain, but we're going to discuss whether or not there'll be informals added to the process," said Mike Wojcic, the county solicitor.

Indications are that the judge will order both even though the informal appeals for the city were recently canceled.

Nancy Martin doesn't know if she'll need to reschedule her informal appeal or move ahead with her formal one.

"I think it's crazy. I just think it's crazy," she said.

First comes those reassessments notices, then the appeals.

Pretty soon hallways at the courthouse are going to be crowded again with people appealing those assessment values both from the city and from the suburbs as this confusing assessment process moves forward.

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