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Residents Say Sugarloaf Hill Road In Henry Clay Township Is Dangerous And Falling Apart

HENRY CLAY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- Ohiopyle residents say a busy road is falling apart and dangerous.

ohiopyle road
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Residents say if you drive Sugarloaf Hill Road, you are putting your car and life at risk, and fixing it can no longer be put off.

The road runs from Ohiopyle into Henry Clay Township. Several drivers say the deteriorating blacktop has destroyed their cars. They also say it is impacting and endangering tourists who visit Ohiopyle.

It is a state road, but people in Harrisburg say the state has an agreement with the township to maintain the road.

A public meeting on the issue is set for Sept. 7 at Henry Clay Township's regular monthly meeting. Township representatives told KDKA's Ross Guidotti that they are aware of the problem and doing the best they can to resolve it.

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