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Rescued Dogs From Virginia To Get Veterinary Checks

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Volunteers from a local group jumped into action this weekend to save nearly three dozen dogs from a shelter in Virginia.

"I just want to save dogs and be a pilot. That's my dream. Helping dogs and being a pilot, that's the best thing you can do," Shane, a future animal rescue pilot, said.

On Saturday, Shane got to see real pilots spring into action to save 30 dogs from a shelter in Virginia.

"We were able to obtain the use of a very large plane that is easily able to carry as many dogs as we could stuff in there," Brad Childs of the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team said.

The volunteers flew south to Virginia to a county where the shelter euthanizes 63 percent of the dogs.

They stuffed their plane with 30 puppies and brought them to Pittsburgh.

"The Western Pennsylvania Human Society has really stepped up to take some of these dogs in, provide a safe haven for them and ultimately get them adopted," Childs said.

Before the plane touched down, volunteers knew half the puppies would be driven to a shelter in Buffalo and the other 15 would be available for adoption here in Pennsylvania.

"It's always important when you can take a dog out of a dangerous situation and put it in a forever home. Thirty families when this is all said and done will hopefully have a dog for the holidays, and these dogs will hopefully be with them for many holidays to come," Childs said.

Starting today, the puppies will get veterinary checks from the Humane Society as they get them ready for adoption.

Check the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society's website ( to see when they will be available.

However, one lucky guy may not be available for adoption if Shane gets his way.

"I've always wanted a Husky. I really, really want this dog. I don't know if I can because my parents don't want a Husky, but if I can, this is the dog I'm going to get," Shane said.

Hopefully, more than a dozen people will feel the same way about the other dogs that flew into town this weekend.


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