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Baby Left Sleeping In Hot Mobile Home

IRWIN (KDKA) -- Police say a call from a concerned neighbor to them may have saved a baby's life.

Police were called Friday around 2 p.m. to Caruther's Lane in Irwin to check on the welfare of a 1-month-old baby boy left alone in a hot trailer. The mother was also reportedly overdosing on heroin.

"We walked in there. The trailer was in deplorable conditions," Irwin Police Chief Joseph Pocsatko said. "It was 95 to 100 degrees. The child was sitting on the floor in a car seat carrier-type child restraint system. A dog was about three [feet] from the child locked in a crate with no access to food or water."

Even more disturbing to police was the condition that Brittany Weir left her trailer in as she came walking up to her home right when they arrived.

"There were filthy diapers all over the residence, dirty dishes, clothes piled everywhere you can," Pocsatko said.

Neighbors say that trailer has been in that condition for a long time and it was barely fit for an animal to live in.

"She has lived there for about two years once again with no windows or heat, air conditioning, power," Dallas, a neighbor, said.

High school friend and neighbor Delores Miller is relieved to hear, at least for now, the baby was given to the paternal grandmother.

"I'm really hoping the system actually does something for this child," Miller said. "I've been keeping an eye on her because I mean she's a druggy."

"It ranks pretty high in one of the worst conditions I have seen an infant in," Pocsatko said.

Brittany Weir is now facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child, cruelty to animals and resisting arrest. She is in the Westmoreland County Jail on $10,000 straight bond.

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