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Red Cross Volunteers Help Cleanup, Assess Damage After Ida's Remnants Hit Western Pennsylvania

OAKDALE, Pa. (KDKA) - Several neighborhoods are picking up the pieces after Wednesday's flooding. As Mister Rogers would say, look for the helpers in these situations. Help continued to come for those in need on Thursday.

With the sun overhead, a stark contrast to Wednesday, the Red Cross arrived in Oakdale.

The caravan came with cleanup kits for neighbors in Oakdale, South Fayette and Etna.

"It's horrible. So much loss. So much dirt and filth. You've got to come in right away because of the smell, mold develops," Red Cross volunteer Nancy Grieco said.

"I teared up a little bit. I'm not going to lie. The smell was awful," Studio Elle owner Lauren Rogers said.

The volunteers are all over the state and country responding to catastrophes.

"We contribute a lot, and we do a lot. This team has been nonstop, I really love them," Red Cross Disaster Program Manager Carlos Carmona said.

Disaster assessment teams partnered with Allegheny County Emergency Services to see what people needed.

"I'm just the messenger. People donate money. People donate resources. When the need comes, I deliver it," Grieco said while going door-to-door.

Their data goes to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency to see how much money goes to impacted areas.

"All these people down here are just fending for themselves. Half of them can't even afford the insurance because the flood insurance is so ridiculous," Rogers said to KDKA.

Her salon had to have the floor ripped out and water heater replaced. She hopes to reopen Friday.

"These girls need to get their hair done. I get it," Rogers said.

For businesses and homeowners, any assistance can't come soon enough.

If you need one of the cleanup kits in Oakdale, you're asked to give the fire department a call. If you missed the Red Cross, here is their contact information.

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