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Fewer Than 10 Percent Of Pennsylvania Drivers Have Real ID

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) -- With only 223 days until the Real ID deadline, the demand for Real IDs is increasing.

Robin Ventura came to the Bridgeville Real ID Center to get her driver's license renewed and decided to get a Real ID star as well.

"I've got a passport, but it might expire so at least I'll have this," Ventura said.

Penndot spokesman Diego Sardino says they've issued about the number of Real IDs that they expected by now.

"We have over 790,000 individuals who have opted into getting a Real ID," Sardino said.

But that's just a drop in the bucket compared when you look at the numbers.

Pennsylvania has 9.7 million licensed drivers.

Sardino says about 2.6 million have made the decision whether to get a Real ID or not, meaning 1.8 million have chosen to stick with a regular driver's license.

Ten percent of the state's drivers have gotten a Real ID.

Lauren Ricapito asked the question so many people want to know.

"Do I need the Real ID if I have a passport?" Ricapito said.

The short answer is no.

A deciding factor driving many decisions is where the Real ID is going to be needed.

You will need it to get through airport security or into a U.S. Government building or installation like a military base.

Sardino says, "If they have an alternate form like a passport or a military ID, they can use that with their regular driver's license."

Penndot says they have seen a lot of mistakes from people coming to get their Real ID.

The biggest is not bringing along the right documentation.

You will need your birth certificate or passport to prove your identity.

You will also need your Social Security Card and two forms of proof of residency.

That includes your current valid driver's license, your car registration, utility bills or bank statements with your name and current address.

If you want to get your Real ID the same day, the Bridgeville Drivers License Center can handle that for you, but you will need to plan on up to a two hours wait.

Or you can apply in person at any license center or online.

Click here to view PennDOT's official list of required documents.

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