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'He Was A Light': Musician Rapsody Remembers The Impact Mac Miller Had On Her Rap Career

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Late rapper Mac Miller was a proud Pittsburgher, but his impact extended beyond the Steel City limits.

Musician Rapsody, whose third studio album "Eve" drops on Aug. 23, recently sat down with CBS and talked about the profound impact Miller had on her career.

She says Miller taught her how to never take herself seriously and how to have fun with her music.

"Anytime you saw Mac, it was always about having fun, and you know, loving on each other and supporting each other," she says.

When she started performing, Rapsody says no one knew who she was, but Miller jumpstarted her career.


He gave her a verse and took her on tour, just because he thought she was "dope."

Not only was Miller kind-hearted and extremely generous, but she also said he taught her humility.

It's been almost a year since Miller passed away from a sudden overdose, but that hasn't made him any less missed.

"He was a light, man, just super talented and a big-hearted, loving individual," Rapsody said.

"So that part of him, I want to continue to give to people the same way he gave to me."

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