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Ramon Foster: Joey Porter Tried To Light A Fire Under Us

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) – Steelers OL Ramon Foster joined "The Fan Morning Show" for his regular weekly spot on Tuesday, coming off his team's big-time win over the Broncos.

The Steelers were able to overcome a 17-point first half deficit thanks to an electrifying second half on both sides of the ball

Foster said that the offensive turnaround didn't happen because of any tangible change to the Steelers' approach.

"It was honestly, as crazy as it sounds, just the mentality," Foster said. "Our defense came out with a different mentality, and we did on offense, too. We knew going into this week that Denver was a team that held onto the ball, that worked their way slowly down the field, and we had to take advantage of our opportunities whenever they were given to us, as far as scoring. Our defense got us in some good positions as far as being on a short, and we made it happen. They got us early on in the game and we just came out with a different mentality. That's honestly what it was. We didn't change much... we just executed."

One thing that did help the Steelers was a rousing halftime speech from outside linebackers coach Joey Porter, which really impressed Foster.

"The biggest thing that he was giving us on the O-line was, hey, it shouldn't take anybody walking across the 50 yard line for me to see the guys I saw last week [against the Bengals]," Foster said. "He was like, you know, this is a game that we need, and you guys have got to play like it. He wasn't down-talking us or anything like that, but if you put it in perspective like that, there was a different mentality last week, and moving forward, that's what we've got to have offensively for us...hats off to Joey, man. Joey's a guy that's been in between us as far as, like, his coaching, and like, him being a player. And you see why he was the type of player that he was man. Joey has a lot of passion...he's a guy that you want to play hard for."

Finally, Foster, who will be a free agent at the end of the season, admitted that his contract situation has been on his mind as the season draws to a close.

"I walked on the field after the [Broncos] game...and I was just looking, like, man, this might have been my last game at Heinz Field as far as, like, being on the home team," Foster said. "You never know what upper management is thinking, how the contract is going to come about, with a lot of guys that are up [at the end of the year]. But, the good thing about it is everybody is just focused in right now on getting a Super Bowl. Everything else will take care of itself after that, but it's definitely a thought."

Foster joins "The Fan Morning Show" Tuesdays at 8 a.m.

The interview can be heard here:

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