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Public Works Crews Attacking Potholes Before Rain, Potential Landslides Arrive

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Public Works crews are taking advantage of the respite from winter to attack the potholes that the freeze thaw cycle has popped out of our roads.

Pittsburgh Public Works crews are working overtime to get as many filled before the next round of weather comes to town. PennDOT has all its crews doing the same thing and primarily responding to "customer complaints" about specific potholes.

So if there's a crater jarring your teeth make sure the crews are aware of it.

In Pittsburgh, call the mayor's service center at 311.

For PennDOT, call 1-800-FIX-ROAD or go online to and be as specific as you can about the location you are reporting.

If you don't know who's road has the issue, use PennDOT's line; they are really good about notifying the appropriate municipality.

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And then there's the rain that is coming our way. The landslide machine that started last year has never really stopped. Problem slides are a continuing concern and new areas are cropping up.

The experts say watch for tree or guardrails leaning and water running where it does not normally flow.

All could be a sign that the saturated ground is moving and a slide is ahead. If you see an issue, you can report it to the same reporting lines as you use for potholes.

Because of the rain expected, emergency responders and public works crews are particularly concerned about the middle to end of this week.


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