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Protestors With Occupy Movement March Over Greenfield Bridge

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Protestors with Occupy Pittsburgh held marched over the Greenfield Bridge in response to a call for a national day of action.

Several unions, including steelworkers, ironworkers and teachers participated.

The group held a rally at Magee Park in Pittsburgh's Greenfield neighborhood before taking their message to the streets - close to the start of the evening rush hour.

The people in the demonstration say they represent the "99%" of Americans who are the workers of this country – including the unemployed and underemployed.

The group picked the Greenfield Bridge because they say it's falling apart.

Additionally, protestors say they want the powerbrokers to understand that if they are put back to work, then they can be repairing bridges like the Greenfield Bridge and restoring the country's infrastructure.

Some of the marchers carried signs that said: "Tax the rich, Fix a bridge," "Fighting for the Middle Class" and "America Wants To Work."

In New York City, activists planned to march over bridges and occupy the city's subway system.

The rally comes just two days after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg broke up the camp in Zuccotti Park where demonstrators had been staying.

On Tuesday night, five protesters with Occupy Pittsburgh along with anti-drilling activists were arrested near the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Stay with KDKA for the latest on this developing story.

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