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Prosecution Rests Its Case In Sheldon Jeter Trial

BEAVER, Pa. (KDKA) -- Day 10 of the murder trial of Sheldon Jeter is in the books.

The prosecution rested its case Monday after a ballistic expert testified that the gun found under Jeter's bed in Aliquippa ballistically matched evidence from the murder scene of Tyric Pugh.

But defense attorney Michael Santicola called into question the veracity of ballistic evidence.

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"Sheldon Jeter was charged with murder for five months before they did the test. Then they handed an alleged murder weapon saying we want you to test this. That's suggesting an answer already is there," said Santicola.

Jeter is charged with the May 2020 shooting of the 30-year-old Pugh on Kiehl Street in Aliquippa.

The biggest moments in court on Monday didn't happen in front of the jury, but when the defense told the court that Jeter would not be testifying.

He is also a central figure in the Rachael DelTondo homicide case.

DelTondo was shot to death on Mother's Day of 2018 in front of her parents' Aliquippa home. DelTondo was alleged to have had a romantic connection to Jeter while he was a teenager, none of which was brought up in any testimony in front of the jury.

"We've been very careful to keep any mention of that case out of this case and that would've not been permitted. If a witness even began to talk about that, it could possibly be a mistrial," Santicola said.

The defense plans on resting first thing on Tuesday. It's likely the jury will have this case sometime in the afternoon.

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