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Residents want plans for proposed Murrysville housing development scaled back

Residents want plans for proposed Murrysville housing development to be scaled back
Residents want plans for proposed Murrysville housing development to be scaled back 02:25

MURRYSVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) -- More housing means more tax base, but it also means more traffic. That's why some residents in Murrysville, Westmoreland County, are asking that a proposed housing development with multi-level townhomes be scaled back. 

"What is proposed is a development of about 61 townhomes," said Summer Hill resident Joanne Hunter.

Hunter and others living in the expansive Summer Hill neighborhood want developers to scale back the plans for a second development of townhomes. 

"That would bring the total number of homes to somewhere around 110 to 120 new homes," Hunter said.

Hunter say one of their biggest worries is traffic. 

"This is a private road here, only one way in and one way out and there is concern about maintenance as well as access for emergency vehicles and such," she said.

And Hunter says from her point of view, they're not against expansion as long as it's within reason. 

"What we would like to accomplish is to limit the number of homes that are built," she said. 

Ryan Homes is the developer and still has a number of hurdles to clear before breaking ground. 

"The new plans were just presented last week at the planning commission, they had to revise the plans," Hunter said. That includes figuring out permits for the developers, excavation of the proposed development area and sewage. 

KDKA-TV reached out to Murrysville's planning commission as well as the municipality community development director on the proposed development and possibly scaling it back. KDKA-TV also reached out to Ryan Homes, the developer. Neither responded by airtime.

"They had mentioned that it would be about two years to complete and two years to sell," Hunter said.

Until then, Hunter and her fellow neighbors say, "We do want to be heard and we want an understanding of what all the residents here had anticipated when we first moved here." 

Residents will have an opportunity to be heard by the planning commission as their next meeting is set for June 3.

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