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Pro-Trump Boaters And Anti-Trump Protesters Clash At The South Side Works

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Boaters from around the area came to the South Side Works to celebrate the president and first responders with a boating parade.

"Support our President," Brandon Klink from Weirton, West Virginia said.

"Trump flag parade. Fourth of July. No better place to be," Trent Porter said.

Dozens of boats and a few hundred supporters of the president made up the parade on the Monongahela River.

"Trump is what America needs," Klink said while standing at the marina.

Around 10:30 on Saturday morning is when protesters started to arrive. More than 100 attended.

On this day of celebrating America, both sides used their First Amendment right.

"For us, he's been a great President. He's kept us working. He's kept our businesses open," Klink told KDKA.

"This country is not better off with him. He divides us. He does not unite us," Maher Hoque from Mt. Washington said.

Protesters wanted people to hear that they feel the President is not working for all Americans.

"The most patriotic thing you can do on this Fourth of July is protesting against him and his policies," Hoque said while protesting.

"We're not trying to start a race war we're trying to end one," Kelah Cash from Pittsburgh said.

Then protesters moved to the Hot Metal Street Bridge while police stood guard with riot gear at their sides. Public safety patrol boats set up a zone to separate boaters from protesters.

"All men are created equal. That is equivalent of today's all lives matter. Our lives matter. Our lives do not matter to these people they never have," a protester told KDKA.

After the boaters started to head to the point and North Shore protesters shut down the intersection of South Water Street and Hot Metal Street, and one car attempted to get through before been surrounded by protesters.

"If there's not justice for all of us then there no peace. There's no real true peace. We all need justice," Cash said while protesting on the bridge.

The protesters remained peaceful and dispersed before heading to the North Shore.

According to public safety, there were no reported incidents.

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