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Primanti Bros. Sends Sandwiches To "Pothole Blitz" Workers

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Primanti Bros. sandwich is a Pittsburgh tradition -- enjoyed for decades and at all hours of the day.

It's perfect for satisfying the hungry road crews who have been working long hours fixing potholes around the city.

A 72-hour blitz, packing potholes around the city of Pittsburgh. All that filling up can leave you feeling a little empty inside. That's where the folks from Primanti Bros. come in.

"We thought two things synonymous with Pittsburgh - potholes and Primanti Bros. So, we wanted to bring the two together and show these guys that we really appreciate their hard work," said Michael Mitcham, of Primanti Bros.

It was a surprise feast for the Pittsburgh Public Works Third Division Team during their lunch break Thursday morning.

"Capicola great," said Donald Walden, a Pittsburgh Public Works crew member. "Chili - best in Pittsburgh."

"It's good. It's hot, but it's good," added Kimberly Hassan, another crew member.

The food is satisfying for the workers, but not as much as knowing that their work is appreciated.

"Yes, it's nice that we're being recognized. And I appreciate it from them," said crew member Joe Garrubba.

"A lot of businesses or restaurants in the city wouldn't do nothing like this or even thought of it," added Walden.

"They're doing all the hard work, but they don't get a lot of the appreciation," Mitcham said.

And just like that, lunch break is over. Back to work - those potholes aren't going to fill themselves.

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