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Price scanning system at New Kensington Giant Eagle fails inspection

New Kensington Giant Eagle's price scanning system fails inspection
New Kensington Giant Eagle's price scanning system fails inspection 02:37

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) -- The Giant Eagle in New Kensington is fixing its price scanning system after it failed inspection.

On Monday, the Westmoreland County Bureau of Weights and Measures found that at least three out of 25 randomly selected items rang up at a higher price than displayed.

Those items were a can of lemonade, which scanned at $2.59 instead of the shelf price of $2.29, frozen chicken wings that rang up at $9.99 per pound instead of the displayed price of $8.99 and a package of candles that scanned at $5.99 instead of the displayed $4.99 price.

A spokesperson with Giant Eagle told KDKA-TV the pricing was immediately corrected.   

Greg McCloskey, director of county operations, said things like this happen.

"It's very common. Like I said, we inspect over 1,200 businesses each year," McCloskey said.

"From the last inspection to this year's inspection, those prices were different, and so when we find it, we put a red tag on it to alert the consumer, then the business has 30 days to fix the issue," McCloskey added. 

The bureau also found issues with five scales. Three were in the meat department, one with an inaccurate reading, and the other two had their security seals cut and the county was not notified of repairs. The county imposed a $100 fine for each of those scales.

In hot food, the scale was positioned improperly, so customers couldn't get a readout of weight and price.

The last scale was at a register. It was undermeasuring in favor of the consumer.

"I'll be checking my receipts more often now," said customer Sue Armour.

For now, Giant Eagle discontinued the use of three out of the five scales.

If people notice discrepancies on their receipts, Giant Eagle said to just head over to customer service.

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