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'Energy Renaissance': President Trump Brings Pro-Energy Agenda To Shale Insight Conference

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)-- A crowd of roughly 2,000 people greeted the President on the floor of the convention center with enthusiasm.

There was cheering and clapping as he walked on stage, alongside union leaders and natural gas industry leaders.

The President's speech lasted a little more than 1 hour, and the crowd was supportive from beginning to end.

He said we are in a quote "Energy Renaissance."

President Trump opened his speech at the Shale Insight Conference by saying he loves energy people-- that energy people have good energy.

He got his first big applause by saying "Go Steelers!"

The president said Big Ben is great. He talked about the Penguins' recent success and how great he thinks Sidney Crosby is.

Then he said Energy people, "Fuel our factories, power our homes, and fill our hearts with true American pride."

President Trump said oil and natural gas production in Pennsylvania isn't just about energy, it's about jobs.

"American energy belongs to hard-working men and women like you who get up every day and make this country run. Today I'm proud to declare that I've delivered on every single promise I've made at this conference 3 years ago and much much more," said Trump.

He talked at this Shale Conference in 2016 as a candidate and now he's back, saying he's delivered on those promises.

He believes he's made huge strides with his "pro-energy agenda" and said, "You will never have a president like me."

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