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President Trump Reacts To Viral Video Of Protesters Clashing With Diners In Pittsburgh

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- As a video of protesters clashing with diners in Pittsburgh has gone viral nationwide, President Trump has spoken out with commentary on the incident.

In a tweet posted Tuesday morning, President Trump said the following:

"BLM Protesters horribly harass elderly Pittsburgh diners, scaring them with loud taunts while taking their food right off their plate. These Anarchists, not protesters, are Biden voters, but he has no control and nothing to say. Disgraceful. Never seen anything like it. Thugs!"

Pittsburgh Police say they are reviewing video of the incident. 

U.S. Attorney Scott Brady calls the video "unacceptable" and says he'll work closely with police "to identify and hold these provocateurs accountable."

The couple in the video, who asked to remain anonymous say they say they support the Black Lives Matter movement, but the group who caused the disruption is not part of the movement.

President Trump later tweeted that if Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden's polling numbers weren't going down, he wouldn't be visiting Pittsburgh.

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