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Power surge in Washington County leaves hundreds without power

Power Surge In Washington County Leaves Hundreds Without Power 01:50

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A power surge in Washington County left hundreds of residents without power and many with damage.

West Penn Power said the largest area impacted was Chartiers Township, but some in North Strabane also noticed their lights flickering.

Tuesday's power surge was the talk of the town in parts of Washington County. Adlin Avenue was one of the many streets in Chartiers Township impacted. That's where Bill Belleno and Tom Olszewski live.

"I thought at first it was the TV because the pop was so loud. It sounded like it exploded," said Olszewski.

However, Olszewski said his coffee pot and a couple of alarm clocks didn't survive the surge.

"My wife just went out to buy a new coffee pot," said Olszewski.

"The lamp popped, the TV popped, just a loud bang," said Belleno.

Belleno said the power came back on within three hours, but he said his landline won't work now.

A few streets over on Holly Drive, a neighbor showed KDKA his charred light switch and his electrical box in the garage burned out by the surge. His son said part of his carpet got burned because a surge protector got too hot.

West Penn Power said the culprit was a tree in the woods near the Summerfield Woods development that came down on a pole with two sets of lines. A 25,000-volt line came into contact with a 12,000-volt line, knocking out power to around 350 customers.

West Penn Power said it's unclear how the tree fell down. Crews are installing a new pole, and a spokesperson said everyone should have power restored Tuesday.

A spokesperson said a surge like this can damage electronics or appliances. If you're in this situation, West Penn Power recommends filing a claim. It said you might also need to contact your homeowner's insurance company.

While getting a quality surge protector is helpful, West Penn said there are also some other ways you can protect yourself. Click here to learn more.

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