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Wandering Kitten Rescued By Port Authority Workers Gets Name And Home

By: Heather Lang/KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The kitten found wandering alone just off of the East Busway has found her happy ending.

Port Authority crews touring the busway on Tuesday found her near the Wilkinsburg station. She came right up to them from the side of the road, meowing and purring loudly.

She got a ride back to Port Authority headquarters downtown with the crew where she spent the day snacking and napping through meetings.

After the workday, a member of the communications team took her to have her checked for a microchip.

Turns out, she didn't have a home, but she definitely does now.

The little "PAT cat" is now called Blue, after the Port Authority's electric blue bus. They say she has been adopted into a loving family and had a great first night at home.

Blue won't be wondering around busways ever again.

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