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Some Allegheny County Voters Receiving Incorrect Polling Location Information

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Some voters in the area have been receiving election letters with the wrong polling locations on them.

Voters in both Green Tree and Brentwood are among others who received wrong information about where they should go to cast their ballots on Election Day.

Allegheny County Communications Director Amie Downs says that the polling locations for voters in Districts 1 and 3 in Green Tree and Districts 1 and 10 in Brentwood had been accidentally transposed by county elections staff in a statewide voter data system.

A similar issue occurred in Plum after a KDKA viewer said they received the wrong information regarding their polling location.

"I'm concerned about people who go to vote before work," Plum resident and voter Royal Taylor said. "They don't have time to vote. We hear the lines are going to be really long. They don't have much time, they get there, and they find out they're in the wrong place."

Downs tells KDKA: "Because of the consolidated polling places in the spring and voter confusion, a mailing was sent to all voters advising where their polling place is if voting in person on Nov. 3. There was a recent change (after the mailing was sent) to polling places in Plum, so another mailing will have to be sent to those voters."

In addition, the Allegheny County Elections Division says these voters will be getting letters soon that will provide updated information on polling places -- Bethel Park 08-02, Braddock Hills 00-02, Brentwood 00-01 and 00-10, Green Tree 00-00 and 00-03, McCandless 06-02, Plum 00-4 and 00-17, West Mifflin 00-05 and West View 00-04.

Here are the details for those election districts:

(Provided by Allegheny County Elections Division)

Downs also said that signage will be placed at polling locations to ensure that voters know where they should go vote.

All 1,323 polling places in Allegheny County will be open on Election Day. Voters are asked to wear a face covering in compliance with the state order. Those who arrive without a face covering will be offered one.

To verify your polling place, visit

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