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Political Nastiness Continues To Swirl At Monroeville City Hall

MONROEVILLE (KDKA) -- Monroeville is a Pittsburgh suburb that's home to about 28,000 people and has a substantial business district.

Lately though, a storm has been brewing at the municipal building where the municipal manager recently resigned and the police chief was demoted.

There was little order at the Monroeville Council meeting Tuesday night when an African American council member accused the demoted police chief of telling a racist joke.

"Did you ever tell me anything that was inappropriate about my people?" said Councilman Clarence Ramsey, of Monroeville, during the meeting.

Despite denials, Councilman Ramsey claims demoted police chief Douglas Cole told him a highly inappropriate and racist joke.

Ramsey: "You know why black women have babies? To hide their crack. You ever hear him say that?"

Cole: "I've never said that."

Ramsey: "Never said it? Fine."

It prompted a quick denial from Cole who is now a sergeant.

"I categorically deny that. I have never said that," said Sgt. Cole. "I've never been in a position to say that. I wouldn't even say that… I don't even know where that came from."

On Wednesday, both Cole and Ramsey declined to talk on camera. But Ramsey insists Cole said it. Cole strongly denies it. And a bitter divide remains among Monroeville politicians.

Don't expect the squabbling to end anytime soon. The former chief says he's hired a lawyer and he expects he'll sue Monroeville.

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