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Police: Teens On Way To School: "Give Us Your Money Grandma Or We'll Shoot!"

McKEES ROCKS (KDKA) -- Most 14- and 15-year-olds are supposed to be on their way to school on Tuesday mornings, but police in McKees Rocks say this morning three teens were trying to rob an elderly woman instead.

The incident happened along Friendship Avenue near Fair Oaks Street around 7:45 a.m.

"She said one of the three pointed a small, silver pistol at her chest while the other demanded she give up her money," said Chief Robert Cifrulak, of McKees Rocks Police.

The teens allegedly told the woman: "Give us your money, grandma, or we'll shoot!"

Authorities say the gun used in the incident looks real, and when they pointed it at the victim she had no way of knowing it was just a toy.

"She explained she was a former educator and she just stared them down, sort of drew a line in the sand," said Chief Cifrulak. "And their response was to start laughing at her and walk away, which allowed her to finish her call to 911."

Based on the victim's description, police picked up all three teens a short distance away.

They also found the gun.

"It was a toy, but as you can see, it looks very realistic. It has the stamping of a real gun. It looks like the real deal, and it was interesting to note that it's been modified - the barrel," Chief Cifrulak said. "All toys would have a full orange plug that even extends outward so it can be readily identified as a toy. This one was modified to hide that, conceal that and look more realistic."

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