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Police Step Up Patrols In Response To Music Video

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- There are new details on a controversial music video that was produced in our area and posted to YouTube.

Authorities put extra police on duty Friday night at Pittsburgh Police Zone 5 station in Highland Park.

It follows the rap video that threatens the lives of police officers. The lyrics go: "Let's kill these cops 'cause they don't do us no good. Pulling your Glock out cause I live in the 'hood."

The video comes as Zone 5 still bears the scars from the 2009 deaths of three comrades who worked there. The video even glorifies the man convicted in connection with their fatal shooting, Richard Poplawski.

But it goes even farther, the video names two cops who work in Zone 5 as their targets.

Police say Rashee Beasley and Jamal Knox are the duo that produces and posted the video. They are about to go on trial, and the two targeted police officers are expected to testify against them.

Prominent Pittsburgh defense attorney Phil DiLucente says the threats go well beyond what's protected by the First Amendment.

"That is a terroristic threat and you may have other charges that result from it, federally as well," said DiLucente.

Both Pittsburgh Police and federal authorities are tracking the men down and they are expected to file charges against them.

"If this type of activity continues, then no police officer, nor any of their family members, could ever sleep safely," DiLucente added.

Police Investigating Locally-Produced, Controversial Rap Video (11/15/12)
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