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Police Probe Recent Break-Ins At 2 South Side Bars

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Two bars on Pittsburgh's South Side have been burglarized in recent weeks. In each case, money and alcohol were taken.

Pittsburgh Police Burglary Squad detectives are looking at surveillance video from the bars; trying to piece together who is behind the break-ins. Police believe the same people are responsible.

The Birmingham Bridge Tavern on Sarah Street had uninvited guests last week. Owner John Hauck says when he walked into the bar to open up last Sunday, he immediately noticed something was wrong.

"It feels like an invasion; it feels like a loss of your safety," says Hauck. "You feel very vulnerable."

Hauck says the men came in through a vent in the kitchen, but it appeared like they tried to first pry open the front door, possibly the night before. They stole cash from the register drawers, took bottles of liquor and cash from the jukebox and dart machine.

"A couple thousand dollars' worth of cash; another couple thousand worth of damages and lost business," Hauck adds. "And then the main thing really is the loss of security."

Police say the Jaggerbush Bar and Grille was broken into twice just days before. In both incidents, the door was pried open and the entire cash register was taken.

In those burglaries, the men also broke into the jukebox and stole the cash inside.

Hauck, whose bar is just blocks from the Jaggerbush, spoke with the owners and was disheartened to know he wasn't alone.

"We work hard to run a small business and keep it as something that's a good part of the community," he said, "and then to have someone just come in and take from you, it's really hard to accept."

Anyone with information on the case is being asked to contact police.

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