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Police: Mom Hiding Information On Her Twins Who Have Been Missing For 10 Years

PENN HILLS (KDKA) -- Penn Hills Police, Allegheny County Police and the FBI are all investigating a bizarre case involving missing teenage twins.

Patricia Fowler, 47, of Penn Hills, is facing a string of charges, including endangering the welfare of children and hindering a child welfare investigation.

Police say they have no idea what's happened to two of her children. They would be about 17-years-old by now, but they haven't been seen for a decade.

Investigators say they can't get a straight answer from Fowler.

Fowler lives on Bryant Street. KDKA went to her home Tuesday night; it looked like a TV was on, but no one answered the door.

The investigation into the two missing children, a boy and a girl who are described as fraternal twins, began after police removed four children from the home in June. It came at the request of the Allegheny County Office of Children, Youth and Families.

Later, police were told there should have been six children living with Fowler, not four.

When quizzed by detectives about their whereabouts, Fowler gave conflicting answers.

According to investigators, she said she sold them for $2,000 each, but then later changed her story when told that if she had sold the kids, she would be charged criminally.

Police say she explained the twins were living with a high school friend. Then, she said, they living with an aunt out-of-state.

Police have been unable to verify any of the stories.

And, like investigators, her Bryant Street neighbors find her story disturbing and implausible.

Shayla Claytor told KDKA-TV's Ralph Iannotti, "It's terrible because you're a mother, and as a mother your job is to protect your children. To make sure they're safe. I can't believe it. I'm appalled."

Neighbor Brian James said, "It's kind of hard to lose two children. That's what police want to know, too, where are these kids? A dog or a cat, I can understand, but two children, I mean, where they at?"

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