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Police: Man Walked Into City To Report McKees Rocks Fire

McKEES ROCKS (KDKA) -- Fire destroyed a McKees Rocks home Thursday night, and now investigators are looking into how it started and the bizarre circumstances that led up to the fire being reported.

Daylight shows all of the damage from the two-alarm fire that engulfed the home on Bouquet Street.

Joe Mixter says what happened to his neighbor Tom Scott is unbelievable.

It was around 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving when Scott's home caught on fire. Neighbors captured the large fire on cell phone video.

According to McKees Rocks Police, the man - who rents the house - walked from McKees Rocks into Pittsburgh where he then called police to report the fire.

"Why he went to Pittsburgh instead of right down there, I don't understand," said Mixter.

Authorities say the man told Allegheny County Police that two people had burst into his home with guns and then set the house on fire.

"I've never heard of home invasions around here, and I've been here 50 years," said Mixter.

Mixter believes Scott doesn't trust the McKees Rocks Police Department, which would explain why he walked to Pittsburgh to report the fire.

When firefighters doused the flames, no one was inside.

The damage to the home is extensive; and right now, no one can live there.

No one was hurt, but neighbors say Scott's dog is missing.

Allegheny County Police are working with the Fire Marshal to investigate what exactly caused the blaze.

Officials Investigate McKees Rocks Fire (11/28/13)
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