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Police Looking For Dog, Owner After Attack In Mt. Lebanon

MOUNT LEBANON (KDKA) -- Authorities are searching for a pit bull and its owner after a man says the dog attacked him, seemingly for no reason, over the weekend along a street in Mount Lebanon.

Paul Kruper's face is torn up, the gash is difficult to look at. It took more than a dozen stitches to stop the bleeding and he will most likely need plastic surgery.

"At that moment, you get a cut on your face, there was blood pouring down my chin, there was blood everywhere," said Kruper.

Kruper says he was attacked in Mount Lebanon on Saturday morning.

He was standing in front of the Coffee Tree on Beverly Road. His wife grabbed a couple doughnuts from the bakery and headed his way.

"I was just standing here. My wife comes in, comes down the street, I wave to her. And the bark, and he jumps up and gets me," said Kruper. "I wasn't bent over or anything. I made no movement toward the dog, nothing to provoke the dog, nothing at all; just went crazy basically."

After the incident, Kruper said the owner of the dog said something like, "Why did you do that?" to his animal. Kruper then rushed off to the hospital for treatment.

All Kruper says he really wanted was the owner of the dog to leave some information so that he could get in contact with him later. And that's really all he wants now.

"I wish he would have stuck around and been sympathetic and stood up for your responsibilities," Kruper added. "You shouldn't bring your dog out like that if you know it's dangerous."

Kruper says the real danger with the bite from a strange dog is a risk for rabies.

Kruper: "If it does, and you get rabies, statistically speaking, you're not going to make it."

KDKA's Marty Griffin: "And the shots are costly?"

Kruper: "A thousand dollars each is what I have been told."

Griffin: "And you have to have several?"

Kruper: "Four spaced out over a number of days."

The dog warden and police are now searching for the owner and the pit bull. Kruper says the owner may have broken a few laws and is certainly responsible for his medical bills.

For now, he'd really like the dog off of the streets. His biggest concern is it could attack again.

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