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Police Hope Drivers Put Down Phones With Texting Ban In Place

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- There is now a ban on texting while driving in Pennsylvania.

The new law went into effect at midnight, and today, we are learning more about how and when police will enforce it.

The day has finally come to put down the cell phone and resist the urge to text while driving.

"I think it's necessary," said driver Mike Spinella. "I mean I see too many people on their phones, and I know I get road rage whenever I see someone on their phone and not paying attention to the road, texting, talking, whatever."

"I definitely think it's a good idea," added driver Joe Sestrich. "I think people should be paying more attention to the road. But I wonder how they'll be able to enforce it."

There are a lot of questions about how this will be enforced. For instance, you can still look up and dial phone numbers, which could resemble texting. You can even use the GPS on your phone.

Also, the law only prohibits texting, reading or sending those messages while the wheels are in motion.

Even though it's not written in the legislation, Commander Scott Schubert with Pittsburgh Police says you're taking a huge risk and its best just to wait until you're off the road.

"Don't do it," he says. "That five seconds you take your eyes off the road could mean the difference between life and death."

The citation, which carries a $50 fine, will come to about $136 after court costs are added.

As far as enforcement goes, Commander Schubert says they will be looking out for texters, but are hoping people just make the decision on their own to put the phone down.

"We're hoping that people, through voluntary compliance, know that it's wrong and do the right thing and not do it at all."

Texting While Driving Ban Goes Into Effect (3/8/12)
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