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Police: DUI Suspect Shows Up To Be Fingerprinted While Drunk

UNIONTOWN (KDKA) -- Police say it was a first. A man reports to the Uniontown Police Department for fingerprints and ends up being arrested on the spot.

Surveillance video is what initially got the attention of a Uniontown Police officer.

In the video, a Chevy pickup truck is seen backing out of the booking center parking lot back in February.

According to the criminal complaint, 41-year-old Kevin Kroll pulled out onto East Penn Street.

Then, the police officer observing the surveillance video says he noticed the same truck pull back into the lot next to an unmarked police car. The officer was able to identify Kroll when he saw him get out of the truck and head into the booking center.

When Kroll got inside, the criminal complaint reports he was there to be fingerprinted for a DUI charge filed against him in May.

Police say the video shows Kroll going back outside to get some paperwork, then he's seen coming back in and is let inside the booking center door.

That's when the officer says he smelled alcohol on Kroll.

"He asked Kroll if he'd been drinking, and Kroll admitted he was drinking the night before. At that time, the officer conducted some field sobriety and a breathalyzer. They all came back showing signs of intoxication," Uniontown Police Lt. Thomas Kolencik said.

Police arrested Kroll and transferred him to Uniontown Hospital for a blood test. Results came back showing he was over the legal limit.

"He would have probably had to have been close to death the night before for it to be that the next day. It was very high," Kolencik said.

Police say this type of incident is a first for the department.

"His original charge was a DUI and then to come in intoxicated. It's very disrespectful to the judicial system, to law enforcement," Kolencik said.

Police are shaking their heads.

"That was a decision he made. He put a lot of people's lives at risk that don't deserve that," Kolencik said.

Kroll's preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 30.

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