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Police Charge Four Individuals In Obstructing Search Of Suspected McKeesport Police Shooter Koby Francis

MCKEESPORT (KDKA) -- Gesiah Grigsby, Jasmyn Henderson-Bracey, Justine Kenyatta and Daniel Neal are facing charges of allegedly hindering apprehension relating to Koby Francis, 22. He's the man accused of shooting McKeesport Police officer Jerry Athans last weekend.

Investigators say all of these people were allegedly spotted on surveillance video around Francis. In the video, Francis is seen wearing the handcuffs he had on when he allegedly shot officer Athans. On Monday, police checked out a home on Freemont Street in McKeesport. That's where police say they found Grigsby and Henderson-Bracey. In the complaint, police say Grigsby said she didn't know where Francis was and she hadn't seen him since before the shooting.

On Tuesday, police said they spotted Francis in surveillance video from a store called Crawford Express in Crawford Village. Grigsby and Henderson-Bracey were also spotted in the video near the suspect.

On Wednesday, police questioned Neal and Kenyatta. Police said they told investigators they met Francis at Crawford Market and drove Francis to North Versailles after he asked for a ride.

Turns out, investigators were able to track down Kenyatta and Neal after recognizing the pair on a Jefferson Hills police officer's dashcam video. The officer helped the two out after they got a flat tire Sunday, before the shooting in McKeesport.


Both Henderson-Bracey and Grigsby were taken to jail and have since set bail. Police still have not arraigned Neal and Kenyatta at this time.

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