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Police Called In Over Feud Between Ice Cream Vendors

UNIONTOWN (KDKA) -- Imagine one ice cream truck trying to run another ice cream truck off the road. Uniontown police say that's what happened on Hortense Street last Wednesday.

He used to known at the "Good" Humor man, the guy who trawled the streets, tantalizing tots with icy treats, but that was then - this is now.

"He ran me off the road last year. He ran my husband off the road this year," Polly Finnell said.

She and her husband Ted own Miss Polly's Sweet Treats. This is their second season as purveyors of popsicles and more.

"This is not a turf war - we have nothing against the other company," she said.

The other company, "F&S," has been around since 1998.

"It's just one driver," says Polly.

And according to Polly, that driver is 29-year-old Bernard Geisel, Jr. of Farmington, who works on commission. He has been accused of harassing the Finnells.

"He's pretty much been harassing us since last year anytime he sees us," Polly said.

Wednesday she called police.

"He runs my husband off the road in front of these children."

The owner of "F&S" called ted to apologize. His son, Frank Swaney, an attorney, gave us this statement: "This whole thing has been blown out of proportion and we believe this now has been worked out."

In the police incident report, the officer at the scene told both parties they better try to get along or the city may refuse to let either of them sell ice cream inside the city limits.

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