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Police Bust Corvette Going 108 MPH

VANDERGRIFT (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - Allegheny Township Police got quite the surprise while performing a routine speed check this morning.

Chief Tom Fontaine tells KDKA, officers were on Route 56 in Vandergrift when a Corvette went blowing by at 108 miles per hour.

"The last two mornings, we've been targeting the morning traffic in a specific area of the Route 56 bypass. And it just so happened this morning this gentleman came through at such an excessive speed." said Fontaine.

Police were waiting for the driver when he stopped at a nearby red light.

He did not resist and accepted his ticket.

"He really didn't have an explanation, you know, he didn't argue with the officer," said Fontaine.

Police think the man was trying to impress a passenger in the sports car.

He adds the man faces more penalties and sanctions from PennDOT, which could include having his license suspended.

In all, police issued 12 speeding tickets and 1 for driving under suspension.

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