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Police: Aliquippa Woman Thwarts Robbery By Running Over Suspect

ALIQUIPPA (KDKA) – Police say a Beaver County woman may have thwarted a robbery, by running over a suspect with her car.

It happened after 9 p.m. Thursday in the 2100-block of McMinn Street in Aliquippa.

Aliquippa Police say a witness saw 21-year-old Cameron White walking down Main Street carrying what appeared to be a sawed-off shotgun.

She called police, but noticed that White was heading in the direction of two teenagers on bicycles.

Police say she feared White was going to shoot the children, so she ran over him with her car.

"She thought he was going to do something to them, so she yelled out of her car window, 'Hey, they're just kids, leave them alone,'" said Detective Sgt. Steven Roberts, of the Aliquippa Police Department. "He turned and pointed this at her, and she thought it was a real weapon and that she was about to be shot or that the kids were in danger, so she gunned her car and struck him."

White was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"His right ear was partially off. They had to sew it back on," said Sgt. Roberts.

Police believe he was actually going to rob the Circle K mini-mart down the road and that she may have prevented the robbery.

They say White was carrying an Airsoft pellet gun which had been sawed off to look like a shotgun, and the orange tip had been taken off.

The Beaver County District Attorney says they are not going to charge her with running White over.

"She had no duty to retreat," said Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh. "You don't have to wait to find out whether or not this is a real gun or not, and she was acting not only out of her own defense, but the defense of those two children."

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