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Plum Borough home explosion not the first in the neighborhood

Plum home explosion not the first in the area 02:34

PLUM (KDKA) - Last night was not the first time there was a home explosion in the area.

Now, multiple investigations are underway to determine how it happened.

According to People's Gas, a preliminary investigation found no leaks or any indication of any failure in the pipeline.

A spokesperson tells us that they will continue safety checks in the area and work with the fire marshal's office, which is leading the investigation.

In the meantime, we've learned less than a half-mile away in 2008, a house exploded on Mardi Gras Drive.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, that explosion was caused after a two-inch gas line had been hit years before in 2003, and corroded over time, eventually failing in 2008.

There was another explosion in 1996, when according to investigators, natural gas was the cause.

Once again, People's Fas says based on their preliminary investigation, no leaks were found this time around.

"I've been in a fire department for a long time, we've had several explosions throughout Plum Borough of this nature, all for different reasons," said James Simms of the Holiday Park Fire Department.

The Pennsylvania Utility Commission's safety division is also investigating along with the fire marshal.

A spokesperson tells us they are working to determine if a public utility service was involved, as well as looking into a possible cause and circumstances surrounding the incident.

This particular home was built in 1961 and the owner died two years ago.

Her daughter said they sold the home to a company to flip it and it was sold again in December to the family that was living there when the explosion happened.

The damage, in daylight, really puts into perspective the power of the explosion, leaving metal beams bent and debris scattered about the neighborhood.

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