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Plum High School Football Player Allegedly Assaulted By Coach

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PLUM (KDKA) -- A football player at Plum High School hired an attorney after he says a team coach physically assaulted him after Friday night's game.

The football player said the coach put his hands around his neck, and the attorney said it was so inappropriate that he wants to get the word out.

"Well, my understanding is that he grabbed him by his neck, slammed him, injured him and there are photographs that show these injuries," defense attorney David Shrager said.

The photos show alleged scrapes, bruises and a mark on the player's neck.

plum high school football injured
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"My understanding is that after [the player's] taking his helmet off on the field and throwing it, the coach was angry that he acted in that fashion, which he thought was undisciplined, and maybe he was right," Shrager said.

The team was crushed by Penn-Trafford and the player in question was upset. But Shrager said the coach put hands on the teenage boy.

"Whatever the situation, whatever words were spoken, it is completely and utterly inappropriate for an adult man to manhandle a boy in a locker room and slam him and give him bruises. This is inappropriate. In fact, the other coaches came running out and pulled him off, so other adults didn't think that was appropriate either," Shrager said.

KDKA-TV News reached out to multiple school district employees, including the superintendent and football coach, but have not yet heard back.

Shrager said he'll continue to prepare his case.

"Plum has had a lot of difficulties. Anybody from our community knows that and they keep having difficulties," he said. "I'm not sure why, but there seems to be a lot of people who want to put hands on children there and adults should not do that."

The Plum Police Department confirmed an incident report was filed, but would not say whether or not the department was actively investigating.

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