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Pittsburgh's rain chances from Hurricane Beryl begin to fizzle on Wednesday

KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (7/10)
KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (7/10) 03:06

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - If you were hoping for a good amount of rain coming our way due to the remnants of Beryl, you aren't going to like the outlook for today.  

Model data is showing us seeing rain totals of less than a tenth of an inch of rain. On Monday model rain totals from 'Beryl' for today were around a half inch.  


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On Tuesday the total for our rain from most data was around a fifth of an inch of rain. It now looks like we will be lucky to see a tenth of an inch of rain regionwide with totals likely being way less than that. 

Rain totals expected today - July 10, 2024 KDKA Weather Center

Since June 1, we have been 2.76" behind when it comes to rain. We are still more than five inches ahead for the year. 

As interesting as the track and impact of 'Beryl' is, the heat and humidity are still the biggest story today. Morning lows in Pittsburgh barely dropped to the 70s. I have temps in the mid-80s as soon as 9 a.m. this morning. I have noon temperatures near 90 degrees.  I have actually dropped our high-temperature today to 'just' 89 degrees.  

Places in our area that could see severe weather today KDKA Weather Center

This was to align my numbers with what model data was showing. I still think there is a solid chance that we hit the 90-degree mark. 

The temperatures expected today with the heat index included KDKA Weather Center

We finally get some relief from the heat on Thursday with highs expected to struggle to get back to the 80s. Morning lows on Thursday should dip to the mid to upper 60s. It will be 'refreshing'. It won't stick around for too long though.  

Highs will be back up near 90 on Friday with highs in the 90s on both Saturday and Sunday. 

7-day forecast: July 10, 2024 KDKA Weather Center

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