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Pittsburgh will see pleasant conditions with temperatures closer to seasonal norms

KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (5/23)
KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (5/23) 03:03

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Everyone has their ideal temperature - some like highs in the 70s, some see highs in the low 80s as ideal.  

While I think most like to see at least a day or two in the mid to upper 80s I feel for most we are nearing the threshold of what they feel is comfortable once we start hitting 85° and hotter.  


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So I say this with the assumption that the past couple of days have been a little too hot for you, relief is set to arrive today.  Highs will dip from the mid-80s that we saw on Wednesday (Pittsburgh hitting 84° yesterday for the high), to right at 80 degrees today.  

Conditions expected throughout the day - May 23, 2024 KDKA Weather Center

Monday and Tuesday saw temperatures above 85°. For the month, we have seen five days at or above 85° so far.   

Over the next week, the hottest day will likely occur on Saturday or Sunday where I have both days hitting 82 degrees. I have Friday as the only other day with my forecast putting highs at 80 degrees or higher. The weather will cool down significantly next week with temps tumbling to just the mid-60s by Wednesday of next week. 

I quickly want to single out both Monday and Tuesday next week.  

I have highlighted those days as potential First Alert days. With an upper low rolling through we should have lapse rates that are high.  Lapse rates are a way of detailing the change in temperature with height and the higher they are, the higher the chance for severe weather.  

Rain chances over the next six days - May 23, 2024 KDKA Weather Center

On top of higher lapse rates, we also expect to see both speed shear and directional shear in the high range.  Shear is a measure of atmospheric spin with high numbers associated with higher chances for tornadoes. With higher 'twistiness', not only will we have a severe storm chance but we may end up seeing the best chance for tornadoes so far this year. 

The concern again is for Memorial Day through at least Tuesday. 

Back to today's forecast, highs will hit the upper 70s with noon temperatures already in the mid-60s. 

The skies will be partly cloudy overall.  I have a rain chance returning after 5 p.m. through shortly after sunset.  

7-day forecast: May 23, 2024 KDKA Weather Center

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