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Pittsburgh Weather: Rain showers roll through this morning and early afternoon

KDKA-TV Nightly Forecast (11/30)
KDKA-TV Nightly Forecast (11/30) 02:41

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Rain is now here and will be moving through the area this morning into the early afternoon hours.  

Your evening commute should be dry. Early risers will also miss out on wet roads this morning with rain chances ramping up after 7 a.m. and then by 9 a.m., it should really be raining out there. 


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I have rain totals at around a quarter of an inch for today. Rain should have a minor to moderate impact on area roads this morning.

Rain chances over the next six days KDKA Weather Center

Temperatures today won't move very much with the rain moving through.  Morning temperatures are in the mid-40s. Highs have already been hit with Pittsburgh's high hitting 51°. Skies stay cloudy behind the main round of rain with an isolated rain chance through the overnight hours.

Conditions over the next 12 hours KDKA Weather Center

There are some changes to the weekend starting with Saturday which now looks mostly dry. Warm too.  

Highs on Saturday will hit the upper 50s.  Saturday is the day to get out and enjoy the weather with it having the lowest rain chance for the weekend.

Sunday has changes now too, with it now getting the round of rain that yesterday looked like it was going to arrive on Saturday. 

This now comes in the morning hours arriving around 8 a.m.  A consistent and fairly heavy round of rain is expected to stick around through at least 1:00 on Sunday afternoon.  

Forecast for Cardinals vs. Steelers KDKA Weather Center

This means it will be a wet one for any tailgaters out there. The beginning of the game should also be expected to be wet but warm.  

Highs on Sunday will also be in the upper 50s.

Temperatures return to something more seasonal starting on Monday. 

Temperatures will be cool enough for us to see some pesky snow showers around on Tuesday and Wednesday.  

7-day forecast: December 1, 2023 KDKA Weather Center

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