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Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: Remembering Daniel Stein

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Seventy-one-year-old Daniel Stein, of Squirrel Hill, was a man of family and faith.

daniel stein tree of life synagogue victim
Daniel Stein (Photos Provided)

"No surprise that he was there and he was early and always help set up," Stein's niece, Jennifer Halle, said. "When my brother let me know there was an active shooter, I just knew in my heart that he was... I just knew it."

But there was no confirmation as Stein's family waited for the news they didn't want to hear.

"It was the most horrible thing to watch my cousins and my aunt suffer like that, not knowing what happened to their husband and father and grandfather," Halle said.

Finally, with the arrival of two agents at 10:45 Saturday night, it was confirmed.

"He was a great man and lived a great life and it ended so horrifically," Halle said.

Seven months ago, Stein fell in love with the arrival of his grandson, Henry Frederico Stein.

"He won't remember his grandfather, who loved him dearly," Halle said. "He and my aunt would pick him up from daycare every day."

The family is trying hard to stay private in a time of international attention and a presidential visit on Tuesday.

"I think what we want is the tone of the country to change and civility has to start from top down," Halle said.


Halle says the family are unwilling participants in a world event.

"The Jewish people are strong and resilient and hopefully from this we will be stronger, just minus one uncle," she said.

A very special uncle.

"Oh, he was that corny uncle that always told the stupid jokes, but he was just kind," Halle said.

When Halle's dad died a couple months ago, the rabbi couldn't come to the evening Shiva service.

"And so my uncle led the service, and it's just the thought and how he won't be there. Who's going to lead the service?" Halle said.

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