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Pittsburgh businesses excited for Record Store Day after Taylor Swift's new album drops

Pittsburgh businesses excited for Record Store Day
Pittsburgh businesses excited for Record Store Day 02:30

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Record Store Day is this Saturday, which is what independent record store owners call their Super Bowl -- drawing in new customers and listeners to special releases of music, and for Swifties, Friday is their special day. T-Swift's latest album is dropping. 

Saturday is record store day and of course, Taylor Swift is dropping her latest album, so you may want to show up early to grab your record before it sells out.

"Every Record Store Day is sort of like the Super Bowl, Easter, Christmas, everything wrapped in together for record collectors," said Fred Bohn, the owner of Attic Record Store Inc. in Millvale. 

Record Store Day is a day where independent record store owners can connect with people in their community through music.

"I'm excited for the releases that aren't available," said Kenneth Kropf, the owner of Edie's Entertainment.

In the last few years, there has been a resurgence of getting your music from vinyl and a record player versus streaming online. 

"A response to some of the shortcomings of streaming music and wanting to own something and have something tactile," said Josh Cozby, the owner of the Government Center on the North Side. 

Kropf says most of his customers for records are teenage girls. 

"My best customers are teenage girls. For some reason, they know, they grab their parents' collection," he says. "I tell all the teenage boys, teenage girls are into vinyl so there's your conversation starter."

Cozby says he wants this Saturday to feel like one big party to celebrate, having live music play inside and their bar and cafe open all day.

"This is that one big day when a lot of people who don't normally shop for records come out," Cozby said.  

People start lining up hours before stores open. Bohn says some wait up the night before in front of the doors.

"The line was always big but every year it gets bigger and bigger," Bohn said. 

Taylor Swift fans are getting ready for her latest album, "The Tortured Poets Department," to drop Friday. 

"Both the Taylor and Record Store Day, we've actually been getting calls for a couple of months because, like I said, both are pretty anticipated things," Bohn said. 

Be sure to check out your local record shops this weekend for record store day. 

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