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Random Kindness: Pittsburgh Woman Finds Red Envelope On Her Windshield, Immediately Thinks The Worst

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A Pittsburgh woman says she immediately panicked and expected the worst when she saw a red envelope on her car's windshield.

Turns out, it was an incredible act of kindness that she will never forget.

In the Reddit post, she says that she went out to her car and saw a red note on her windshield.

But to her surprise, it was actually a gift card to Crazy Mocha coffee with a note attached.

"To my surprise, it's actually a gift card to Crazy Mocha with a note that says: "We were walking our dog and saw the sign on your car. Congratulations on your wedding! -Best Wishes, Gabe + Lily," she posted.

Turns out the woman has a "Just Married" decal on her back window, as she tied the knot a few days ago.

The woman posted the story online to showcase what an incredible place Pittsburgh is.

And also as a big thank you to Gabe and Lily who were walking their dog in Shadyside.

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