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3 Protesters Charged Following Clash With Diners Along Penn Avenue

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Three protesters are facing charges stemming from the viral video that captured a clash with diners in downtown Pittsburgh earlier this month.

According to court papers, Monique Craft, Kenneth McDowell and Shawn Green -- also known as Lorenzo Rulli -- are facing various charges after the clash with diners outside of Sienna Mercato on Penn Avenue, and a clash with a manager inside the McDonald's on Liberty Avenue.

Pittsburgh police say during the Civil Saturday protest on Sept. 5, McDowell -- also known as Kenny West -- used a megaphone to scream obscenities at patrons outside Sienna Mercato. He's accused of having an altercation with a McDonald's employee earlier in the protest.

Meanwhile, investigators say Green yelled obscenities toward diners and raised his middle finger toward an elderly couple. He allegedly yelled toward other patrons inside while pounding a table, causing a glass to fall and shatter.

At this point, police say Craft drinks an elderly couple's beer. Craft has told KDKA the couple gave them permission, but court papers say the couple didn't.


In another incident outside the restaurant, police say McDowell was shouting at a bicyclist and hit him with his megaphone. After the bicyclist swatted it away, a protester is accused of hitting that bicyclist in the head with a skateboard. Craft says the bicyclist allegedly started the altercation with protesters.

A witness tells police Green and McDowell came over to them after this and started harassing her, allegedly making remarks about her looks and how she appeared to be in an interracial relationship with the male she was with.

Green is facing disorderly conduct, conspiracy, criminal mischief and simple trespassing charges.

McDowell faces conspiracy, harassment, two counts of disorderly conduct and possessing an instrument of crime.

And Craft is facing charges of theft, conspiracy and simple trespasser.

The incident happened September 5 along Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh.

As of now, Craft has a preliminary hearing set for Nov. 3. Green and McDowell are awaiting a preliminary hearing.

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