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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Toledo Blade Union Members Allege Censorship From Mutual Owner In Capitol Protest Coverage

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- "Fight with the owners and stand with the workers." That's coming from the Toledo and Pittsburgh NewsGuild.

This morning at a news conference, they spoke out about their frustration and disgust with their management on how they were forced to alter their stories.

It's something they say has been going on for years. They claim their publisher, the Block family, continues to slant news coverage.

While covering the events on Wednesday about the US Capitol, the Toledo Guild claims writers at "The Blade," a newspaper out of Toledo were forced by management to change the way they reference those rioting. Like not calling them "Trump supporters." It's a move the guild believes "waters down" the truth of what happened.

"These were not attempts to clarify events, in fact they were the opposite. They were inappropriate interventions that were done for political purposes," said Toledo NewsGuild President, Nolan Rosenkrans.

Members say they're also appalled by the harsh, negative post on social media from Susan Block, the wife of Block Communications Chairman, Allan Block.

"Calling our incoming VP a whore is beyond the pale and perpetuates the sexism and racism that plagues our society," said Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh Unit Secretary, Ashley Murray.

Block communications responded to KDKA about the post and they said in part-

"Social media posts by Susan Block represent her individual views as a private citizen; she has a first amendment right to freedom of speech and her opinions."

Meanwhile, for the guild, this is just another layer to what has already been a challenging time for the Post Gazette. Last Summer, former PG employees, Alexis Johnson and Michael Santiago were pulled from covering the protests due to what they posted on social media.

"And we would like an apology for what happened to Alexis and Michael Santiago and an apology to the community," said Murray.

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