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Pittsburgh Mass Shooting: Identifying and finding the shooters could be tough

Pittsburgh Mass Shooting: Police Searching For Those Responsible 03:29

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Police are on the hunt for those responsible for the worst mass shooting in Pittsburgh since the Tree of Life tragedy.

Investigators are poring over videos and reaching out to witnesses, trying to identify the shooters. Finding those responsible for this tragedy is job one for Pittsburgh police and a number of other agencies, but sources say identifying those shooters could be tough.

On Sunday, the hail of bullets claimed the lives of two teenagers, wounded eight others and left scores of teenagers traumatized.

"This is our priority, and we're not going to sleep until we get who did this," Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert said over the weekend.

But investigators have a daunting task. When shots rang out, the terrorized young people pushed for the exits. Once outside, they scattered, and police sources concede cooperating witnesses may be hard to find.

Though the event was held in East Allegheny, police sources said kids came from all over the region, including as far away as McKeesport. Typically, these pop-up parties are advertised through social media and have a broad reach. Police said the shooting was sparked by an altercation - possibly a regional rivalry or a dispute over drugs.

"Shotspotters came in for over 90 rounds," Schubert said. "We know there was a lot more than that both inside and outside."

Sources say that estimate now tops 140 rounds - several dozens of shots fired inside the Airbnb and dozens more outside, where investigators are unsure if this was spillover or a separate gun battle. When police arrived, they found empty rooms scattered with cellphones, shoes and empty liquor bottles.

Neighbors who saw police at the house earlier in the night question why the event was not shut down. In a statement, police confirm an officer came to the address at 11 p.m. on Saturday but saw only the empty downstairs apartment and a man who identified himself as the owner agreed to turn down the music. Police returned en-mass 90 minutes later when the gunfire broke out.

Allegheny County police and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are helping Pittsburgh police investigate.

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