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Pittsburgh International Airport implementing TrashBot technology

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Looking to expand its sustainability efforts, Pittsburgh International Airport has enlisted the help of TrashBot and its encompassing technology to make the airport an even greener hub.

TrashBot is akin to an advanced recycling bin, described as a "waste receptacle powered with AI and robotics that analyzes and separates recyclable waste from landfill waste at the point of disposal instead of at a recycling facility." 

"A lot of people want to do the right thing, but they need to know, specifically, what the right thing is, and that thing has to be easy," Charles Yhap, co-founder and CEO of CleanRobotics, said.

Yhap and Tanner Cook invented the TrashBot.

"It's simpler than you think because a trash can needs to be very simple," Cook said.

TrashBot is a large, rectangular box with an opening and accompanying LED screen stationed in the airport's baggage claim area.

TrashBot can identify specific types of waste from its built-in sensors and determine whether or not the waste is recyclable, then move it to an appropriate bin inside the larger box. When the bins get full, cleaning crews are notified via an app.

"The simplicity of TrashBot, like these other innovations, is one of its most appealing aspects," said Cole Wolfson, xBridge Director. "Charles and Tanner identified a problem area and found a creative technological solution that addresses the issue with minimal cost and labor but also inspires an entire shift for our organization."  

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