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Study: Pittsburgh Is The 4th Best Place To Recover From Divorce

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Nothing heals the heart like a little black and gold.

According to a study done by LendingTree, Pittsburgh is the fourth best city for people recovering from a divorce.

The 'Burgh tied with Denver, and was beaten only by Detroit, Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

The study says it took into account three different categories: economic score, dating pool score and remarriage risk score.

The economic score focuses on factors like the median annual income of divorcees and how much it costs for them to own a home or rent a place on their own.

The dating pool score is made up of the percentage of single people as well as the balance of single men to single women.

And finally, the remarriage risk score takes a look at factors like people who have been married at least three times and the total percentage of people who are divorced.

Between these three factors, Lending Tree says it came up with an overall score it used to rank the cities.

You can read the rest of the study here.


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