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Pittsburgh Councilman Publicly Criticizes 'Unacceptable' State Of Roads After Snowfall

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A Pittsburgh Councilman is speaking out after several Pittsburgh residents have complained about the state of their roads following record snowfall this December.

Councilman Anthony Coghill of District 4 took to Facebook to discuss the issue, saying he and his staff had been in contact with the Department of Public Works during the major snowstorm of Dec. 16 and said he'd been assured the issues then were not due to a lack of staff but because of the volume of the snow and the Snow Plow Tracker.

"Because so many reports of dangerous conditions have persisted for an unacceptable time following the snow, I'll again be meeting with DPW officials," Coghill wrote on Dec. 27.

Pittsburgh received record snowfall on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with some roads still left uncleared as observed by KDKA.

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Bernard street at Aaron Ave in Overbrook
(Photo Credit: Tim Lawson/KDKA Photojournalist)

Coghill added that he will not support any further funding or legislation for the Snow Plow Tracker if changes to salt distribution, response time and prioritization of District 4 neighborhoods are not made.

"The conditions of our roads are not acceptable, and I am doing everything in my power to hold people accountable. Please continue to message my office if your street needs treatment and we will continue to update the DPW crews," he wrote.

Coghill represents Beechview, Brookline, Bon Air, Carrick, Mt. Washington and Overbrook.

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